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Gil Rodriguez

Mobilization & Development Director

Shirley Weingartner

Administrative Specialist

Janela Meacham


Native to Arizona, Janela and her husband served in youth ministry for ten years in Arizona then as Missionary Associates in Guadalajara, Mexico. She holds an Associate of Arts degree in secondary education from Arizona Western College and Northern Arizona University. She manages the Mobilization and Development office, oversees special projects, and coordinates various aspects of M&D events throughout the year.

Joyce Hubbs

Administrative Support

Joyce was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri and graduated from high school, summa cum laude. Joyce and her husband have a combined 70 years of employment with the Assemblies of God and Joyce has served in various roles in Mobilization & Development. Joyce has also been involved in teaching various ages in Children’s Ministries and she has participated in women’s missions. She provides general office assistance in the areas of personnel files, application processing, and special projects.

Kristin Burdine

General Clerk

Kristin was raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, where excitable discussions of the rivaled Cubs and White Sox baseball teams are a regular occurrence. She graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Evangel University. She oversees the daily operations of the career application process and assists with the completion of candidate files for a decision by the World Missions Executive Committee and the World Missions Board.

Maddie Gjorvad

Career Mobilization Team

Email: careermissionaries@ag.org
Phone: 417-862-2781 Ext. 2098
Fax: 417-869-6280

Matt Powers

Career Itineration Specialist

Brooke Davison

Career Application Lead

Stephanie Lundstrom

Career Application Specialist

Assists applicants with the career application process and prepares candidate files for review by the application lead and members of the World Missions Executive Committee and the World Missions Board.

Rachel Mullikin

Career Application Specialist

Rachel was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri. She graduated from Evangel University with a B.A. in English. Her travels have included the Philippines and South Korea. Rachel assists applicants with the career application process and prepares candidate files for review by the application lead and members of the World Missions Executive Committee and the World Missions Board. She works with Career Missionary Candidates going to Eurasia.

Lisa Cornwell

Career Itineration Specialist

Though born and raised in Wisconsin, Lisa spent 34 years on the East coast, 30 years of them in church ministry with her husband. They filled many different roles such as associate pastor and in church schools.

MA/MAPS Mobilization Team

Email: missionaryassociate@ag.org or AGWMMAPS@ag.org
Phone: 417-862-2781 Ext. 2035
Fax: 417-869-6280

Scott Lindner

MAPS/MA Application Lead

Rachel Lecocq

MAPS/MA Application Specialist

Charissa Lord

MA/MAPS Application Specialist

Charissa grew up in Austin, Texas, but has lived in Springfield for several years. She has earned a B.A. degree in biology and minors in both physical science and biblical studies from Evangel University. She was a pastor's kid and now her parents serve as missionaries with Africa's Hope. Missions has always been close to Charissa’s heart. She has travelled to South Africa, Mexico, and Peru. Charissa works with Missionary Associates and MAPS volunteer applicants going to Eurasia and Northern Asia as they enter and complete the application process and provides support for approved MAPS volunteers.

Kaitlin Grove

MA Itineration Specialist

Short-Term Applications

Email: mapsteams@ag.org
Phone: 417-862-2781 Ext. 2067
Fax: 417-862-1878

Simone Parks

Short-Term Application Lead

Simone grew up in Southwest Missouri. She attended Drury University and has a degree in criminal justice. She has served for more than 12 years in Mobilization & Development in various roles. Simone oversees the daily operations of the Missionary Associate, STMA, and MAPS programs.

Sue Shahan

Teams Application Specialist

Before coming to Southwest Missouri, Sue and her husband owned and operated a construction business for 15 years in Iowa. She attended one year of college, majoring in Architecture at NMSU (Now Truman State University in Kirksville MO). She assists churches with the registration and processing of missions team trips going to Africa, Asia Pacific, Eurasia, Europe, International Ministries, Latin America Caribbean, and Northern Asia. Sue also works with Career Missionary Candidates going to Europe, International Ministries. and Northern Asia.

Support Team

Tracy Griffin

Support Team Lead

Originally from Arkansas and a preacher’s kid in Missouri, Tracy spent 15 years formatting the Full Life Study Bible in other languages for Life Publishers and has worked in the National Office for more than 30 years. Tracy comments, “It was difficult to leave at the end of 2017, but when we had MTMR and I saw the missionaries hold a FLSB in their hand that I had worked on, it was overwhelming.” Tracy provides specialized administrative support for the department on various projects and the department manager in the areas of administration.

Susan Carroll

Career Budget Coordinator

Sharon Crandell

Pledge Specialist


Tim Meacham

Pipeline Director

Originally from Southern California, Tim served and was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps and continued to serve with the Department of Defense. During this time, Tim met his wife Janela and served together in youth ministry in Yuma, Arizona. Before his current role with Assemblies of God World Missions, Tim and his wife served as Missionary Associates in Guadalajara, Mexico. He earned a B.S. degree in Business Management from Evangel University and has traveled to 10 countries around the world. Currently, Tim serves as the Pipeline Lead for Assemblies of God World Missions. In this role, Tim coordinates a team that shares and communicates missions opportunities to help people find their unique fit on the field. Tim also serves in Global Security and on the Crisis Management team.